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About us

Our company name is LunaLista and our mission is to help make an office more attractive and motivational to work for, and be in, compared to competing offices.

Luna: Means Moon. Is the name of female goddess 
Lista: Means ready & smart

What makes LunaLista unique is that we use the office TV’s with more relevant, interesting and motivating content than what an office can find anywhere else. We also help the office set the atmosphere with music and videos through the TVs. You can remotely control as many TV’s as the office(s) have.

At present time the vast majority of our clients are Real Estate Offices and the vast majority of their Agents are Baby Boomers and Generation X. All of our clients have become aware they need to attract more Millennial Agents and we are helping with that. So while we help make your office trendy, we are not going all the way to make the office feel like a night club or gaming company (unless you are that :), but rather the feel of a trendy café. Your TV screens can have a huge impact on that. Your office will feel dynamic and motivational.

As part of making your office attractive and motivating we also provide a unique intranet for the offices and their members. The intranet can do things you find nowhere else. So even if members are not always in the office, they can still feel part of the community, and always be updated on what goes on.

Creating a community is what will make you succeed

You can use our services independently from each other though you probably want to explore both.
We are based in beautiful, sunny and diverse Los Angeles

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